About Contour Design, Inc.- Corporate

Contour Mac
Contour's Mac Division specializes in the development, research and design of Apple-centric accessories and products- delivering "The Contour Difference" with "Best-in-Class" designs. Products such as the popular iSee iPod carrying case or the award-winning UniMouse were all created for only two reasons. Enhancing the user experience and- because we love our macs too!

Contour Design Europe Ltd.
Contour Design, Inc. is a worldwide operation with facilities in the United States and in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom location is dedicated to the same quality, committment and service as the United States location. Opened with one thing in mind, "Customer Service!"

All European Sales, Marketing, Support, and distribution is operated and maintained by Contour Design Europe, Ltd. This strategic location gives Contour the ability to provide better, faster, easier service.

All New Showcase The Contour showcase is the first case that offers solid protection while letting users enjoy everything they love about their iPods - elegant design, slim dimensions, and ultimate portability. Through the skillful application of advanced dual-injection molding technology, Contour Design has created a case with a clean, trim, seamless look that highlights the pure beauty of the iPod.

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